An Overview

At Invitation 2 Print we offer both types of Hot Foiling: we have a selection of hot foil machines that can foil anything from a pencil or business card up to an A3 poster

Hot Foils come in an ever-expanding myriad of colours: from the classic gold and silver through to modern favourites like metallic hot pink and purple. Matt options are available as well as holographic and rainbow.

Toner Foils do not have quite the same range of options but there are still plenty of colours available.



aka Hot Foil Blocking/Printing

Hot Foil Stamping uses heat and pressure to permanently apply foil to a material commonly; paper, card, leather, PVC, etc.

Plates or Letterpresses can be used for the design or text. Plates can be made from Magnesium, Brass or Polydiam.

A standard plate will give slight debossing (depression) when used in a hot foil machine. Embossing can also be produced by creating a male-female pair of plates.

Hot Foil Stamping is a more expensive option than Toner Foiling due to the cost of the plates but gives a crisper, more reliable image plus also gives a debossed or embossed finish.


aka Sublimation Foiling

Toner Foiling is a method that uses heat and pressure to apply foil to a laser printed image or text. The heat process re-melts the toner and the foil adheres to this providing you with a flat-foiled image without the need for a plate.
Because we don't need to get plates made for this it is a cheaper option than Hot Foil Stamping although the quality is less and it does not produce as consistent results. This method is also limited by the thickness of paper/card stock that can be used - both from a laser printing perspective and via the foiling machine, so if you want foiling on thicker card (> 350gsm) then stamping is the only option.