We can add your name, quote or business details to these foil stamped HB pencils which are hand-stamped on one of our traditional hot foil machines.


They are hexagonal full-length HB pencils in a plain wood finish with an eraser and come pre-sharpened.


We have a vast range of foil colours to choose from or we can provide a mixed pack of colour finishes. Colours include:

  • gold, silver, red, purple, pink, rose gold, green, blue, black.


We don’t mind rude messages being printed as long as they’re a bit of fun!


Personalisation can include most punctuation (full stops, commas, quotes, etc.) – we can also include an ampersand (@) for email addresses and a Love Heart.


Half-length pencils (golf pencils) are also available and will be added to our shop soon.

Personalised Pencils with Erasers - Pack of 12 HB

Foil Colour