2019 Plans

Well, I realise I've been neglecting my website - probably because most of my business is via Etsy, eBay or direct.

The big announcement from last year - we moved into new offices in Forest Row - we're nicely settled in now and have lots of space in a bright and, very importantly, dry environment.

Looking ahead to this year with a set of objectives:

- Marketing: we need to improve our marketing, whether that is via paid ads on social media or just posting more frequently and within targeted groups.

- Product Range: as always there is a need to extend the product range, either with new designs or completely new products. This will mean also putting our Graphtec Cutter into action as this is a fantastic machine that we are under-utilising currently.

Exhibit: actually exhibit at a Wedding Fayre - this will help boost our profile - but planning what and, importantly, how to display is harder than we ever thought.

I'll update in the future as to how we're getting on with these objectives.