Is your business stationary?

It staggers me that so many people out there claim to be a "stationary" business - to be pedantic does this mean their business is going nowhere?

Do they also class themselves as a "stationar"? No surprise that it got a red underline when I typed that.

I get so tempted to reply "sorry to hear that" when they advertise on social media platforms. I see it so often that I start to doubt my own spelling but rest assured I will stick with stationery.

I did a quick google image search on "stationary" and was amazed with a page filled with pictures of pens and pencils: are these items that don't move or can only be used when not moving?

As a final point I do have a concern though: if a stationer can't use the correct term for stationery then what about all the potential customers searching for stationary rather than stationery? Maybe I should include a few sic tags ( a term I've possibly just made up) for "stationary".