Networking in the Wedding Industry

In the last 6 months we've started networking in the Wedding Industry and are amazed at how supportive the right network can be.

Other suppliers are really interested in the products and services we supply and are keen to look for avenues where we can help each other. For instance, last week we provided foil printed ribbons for a local supplier which came about from a conversation mentioning we'd just invested in a ribbon printer at a Sussex Wedding Network event. This has also led to other conversations around ribbon supplies plus the stickers and clothes labels we can produce from this new machine. #ribbonprinting #hotfoilprinting

We've also met other stationers and far from being competitive we've actually discussed ways in which we could co-operate to provide a joint product offering to meet clients requirements. To expand, we specialise in hot foil printing but don't offer the lace and bow style embellishments that other stationers do but by working together we can supply a joint product that has hot foil printing along with embellishments that a client is potentially looking for.

One particular network we belong to (#twisn) is very active in providing training material for the wedding industry that they believe is of benefit to it's members - this is anything from on-line tutorials to downloadable reading material covering topics such as Marketing, Social Media and SEO and, as well as local events, they are hosting a national networking event later this year.

So far, so good in the wedding networking world. I might do another blog soon about some of the less favourable Facebook pages out there.

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